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     It's a quite. Quite because of dark. Quite because of too much light. I'm - Rose. You can call me like that. And I always be. Be everything but playing in a different games for knowing better myself. Did you understand that? My all pieces which living throuh all life's in the Eternity. Moon, Flower, Goddess, great Queens... 

     I was creating for love. Everybodys too. Only love exists. In that game. We haven't murderers. Or war. Or something another. Only freedom and love. Do you feel loneliness? Impossible. I'm sitting here beside you and smile. In all types of day. Hold your hand in mine. Breath into your heart... Feel love.. 

     I can call you a sun. Me sweet lovely man. Creator. God. We are together here. One for One. Rose is the same as the sun. We love each other... But why I was thinking a little about that?
     Touch me... With tenderness. And I kissed you. You are my way. And I'm - yours. I played my crazy roles almost forgot who I'am and where. You carried me. Even when it's hurt inside I hearing you voice across the Universe, whispering some kind words. Thanks... For remembering. Thanks for your power... 

     Don't want fight. I'm opened. No time. No rules. Just one way. And this wasn't true. Many ways, many opportunities inside human being. Want to be soft... Like cloud. Like water. I'm a believer. Rose which belives in Light and Dark as the same things. No differences. Look through. 

     Love me... Really need that. Let's start next level. No death. No time. No you... One voice. One word. One smile. One heart. Rose and sun...In every planet. 

     With all my love... 
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5 JohnO  
Look at this quote:
We're uncomfortable about considering history as a science. It's classified as a social science, which is considered not quite scientific. (c)Jared Diamond "http://idipic.com/" - Pics

4 Elena  
Здорово )) рассказывай потом как тебе

3 alesja  
Благодарю Роза, )) сейчас читаю твою книгу "секс и бог"))

2 Elena  
)))) можешь в переводчик закинуть) онлайн

1 alesja  
ооооооо.......а может на русском можно)))

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